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Estate Planning & Strategic Wealth Transfer

Planning for the future and ensuring that your wishes will be carried out doesn’t have to keep you up at night. Work with us to help ensure that your assets are titled  appropriately, that you have correctly provided for your heirs, and that your wealth will be transferred without the expense and hassles of probate.

Understanding your challenges

We have work with individuals, families, and business owners to translate their success into a meaningful and lasting legacy. We understand the issues you face, and we can help you address them in a thorough and disciplined way.

Our estate planning strategies help you:

  •    Pass your legacy on to your heirs

  •    Grow your assets

  •    Minimize taxes

  •    Protect your assets from creditors

The non-tax side of planning

There are a number of “non-tax” reasons for planning which relate to protecting existing wealth and planning the transfer of wealth through generations, including:

  • Creating vehicles that help ensure confidentiality and privacy

  • Creating mechanisms for the efficient funding of charitable causes

  • Ensuring the proper care of minors or disabled family members

  • Providing for financial security during times of incapacity

  • Handling or avoiding probate in multiple states

  • Encouraging responsible behavior by future generations

Talk to us about how we can help you develop a plan to efficiently transfer wealth to your heirs and charities.  


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