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With all our practice areas we take into consideration your specific circumstances in order to provide the best legal services in the most comfortable manner.
Providing a very comfortable and easy way to establish a professional custom drafted estate plan to avoid probate and protect your assets now and into the future.
Providing you with expert guidance and service to properly administer a Trust or resolve disputes. Efficiently getting you through the process while protecting you by ensuring all requirements and formalities have been met.
Guiding you to ensure that all steps in the administration of the probate estate are taken, including the preparation and filing with the court of all necessary documents

WHAT WE DODefining success together

Over 22 years of business experience. our original values remain an integral part of our philosophy and approach to client work. We are perfectly placed to take you through Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Administration.

Law Office of Codi M. Dada guides California people through the legal processes of establishing and maintaining a customized estate plan specifically tailored to fit the needs of each specific person, family or business. We are here to help by making it easier, as your life progresses.

How we can help you?

We can help you by providing you with the expert service, knowledge, experience and insight needed to easily and efficiently get you through the process of creating an estate plan, properly administering a Trust Estate or Processing a Probate Case in any County located in California. You can trust us for honest, reliable and friendly legal services in the areas of Estate Planning, Trust Administration and Intestate or Testate Probate Administration

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Inadequacy of a WillInadequacy of a Will

How To Select A Estate Planning Attorney How To Select A Estate Planning Attorney

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